Don Julio Tequila Labeling Event

September 23, 2023

Don Julio is a premium tequila brand, known for its smooth and sophisticated taste. Made from the finest 100% blue agave plants in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Don Julio is considered by many to be one of the finest tequilas in the world. The brand offers a range of expressions, each carefully crafted to deliver a unique and exceptional taste experience. From its crisp and citrusy Blanco to its smooth and complex Añejo, Don Julio is the epitome of smooth and delicious tequila. Whether sipping neat, mixing in a cocktail, or simply enjoying on the rocks, Don Julio is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Purchase a bottle and get a custom label created just in time for any occasion at you local WB Liquors at Costco!

From 3:00PM to 6:00PM

Event located at the following location:

NW San Antonio At Liquor Sales

Pearland At Liquor Sales

Pharr At Liquor Sales



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