Gone are the days where your choices of vodka were limited to the brand and the size of bottle to choose from. Nowadays, you have an endless variety of flavored vodkas that can be mixed with anything your heart desires. Store shelves are now filled with flavored vodka varieties such as cucumber, whipped cream, coconut, blueberry, caramel, birthday cake and much more!

To show our appreciation for this versatile spirit, we’ve compiled a list of flavored vodka drinks that you should indulge in.. Cheers!

Chocolate Martini


1 1⁄2 oz. chocolate liqueur
1 1⁄2 oz. Creme de Cacao
1⁄2 oz. vanilla vodka
2 1⁄2 oz. half-and-half
Chocolate syrup, for rim

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass that is rimmed with chocolate syrup.


Coconut Colada


2 oz. coconut flavored vodka
1 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. heavy cream
1 oz. coconut milk

Shake with ice and strain into a glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a pineapple wedge.

(source: http://www.pinterest.com)


Cucumber Watermelon Paloma


4 oz. cucumber vodka
4 (1-inch) cubes of seedless watermelon
2 limes, diced
2 oz. simple syrup (Boil 1/4 cup water and sugar just until sugar dissolves. Add 1/4 cup ice to cool – refrigerate leftovers)

Lime Rim (equal amounts salt and sugar combined with some fresh grated lime)
2 watermelon Slices
2 cucumber slices
2 small mint sprigs

Combine vodka, watermelon and lime in a cocktail shaker. Muddle all of the ingredients well. Add simple syrup, fill with ice, cover and shake until ice cold. Rim the glass with a cut lime and dip in the lime rim mixture. Fill the glasses with ice and pour the ingredients from the shaker into the glass. Garnish with a watermelon slice, a cucumber slice and a mint sprig.

(source: http://www.creative-culinary.com/)


Salted Pretzel Martini


1½ oz. caramel vodka
1 oz. caramel liqueur
¾ oz. hazelnut liqueur
2 drops of aromatic bitters
1 pinch of sea salt

Caramel sauce
Finely chopped pretzels
Caramel candies (optional)
Pretzel sticks (optional)

Pour enough caramel sauce to rim the martini glass in a plate. Place chopped pretzels in a separate plate. Dip martini glass into the caramel sauce, then into chopped pretzels. Place martini glass in the freezer and allow to chill for 5-10 minutes. In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine martini ingredients, shake well, strain, and pour into prepared martini glass.
Optional: Garnish with caramel candies and a pretzel stick if desired.

(Source: http://theblogtini.com)


Birthday Cake Shots


1/4 cup vanilla frosting
1 tsp. pink gel food color, divided
1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles
1 cup cake vodka, chilled
1 cup Irish Cream or White Chocolate Liqueur, chilled

Tint frosting with 1/2 teaspoon pink gel food coloring. Spread on a small plate and dip the rims of 6 shot glasses in the frosting, the dip in the sprinkles. Set aside.
In a large jar or resealable pitcher, mix together the remaining 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring with the vodka. Add Irish cream, shaking until completely mixed. Pour in prepared shot glasses and serve immediately.

Source: (http://www.tablespoon.com)

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