What Your Drink Says About You

Just like people, cocktails come in different varieties. We all know that your sweet little mother loves her white wine and that your older, sophisticated sister only drinks Cab. But if you’re at a bar, can you judge someone’s personality based on their drink? Vodka Soda – You’re in it for the booze, without the […]

Plan Your Summer BBQ

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to fire up those grills and bust out a cold one. You have waited all year for this so let us help you celebrate it the right way! So come on, shed that winter coat and head down to your pool for a great time! Beer […]

Food & Beer

Did you know that beer is just as food-friendly as wine is? Explore different beer and food pairings and give your party guests more to enjoy. Whether you are trying to compliment an appetizer or contrast an entree, this chart from Thunder Canyon Brewery will make your beer and food pairing selections a lot easier. […]

Things Craft Beer Drinkers Say

Everyone probably has that one friend who is a craft beer lover, or perhaps you are that one friend. Does this look familiar? If Friday nights with your group of friends consist of beer tasting parties and having conversations about what’s in your cellar, chances are you and your friends are craft beer snobs. Don’t […]


As you sip on your favorite beer, do you ever wonder how it’s made? All beer, including lager and ale, is brewed using the same formula. The first step in the brewing process is called malting. The grains, which are usually barley, wheat or rye, go through a germination process to isolate the enzymes needed […]

Breaking Beer

Have you ever felt that intense, overwhelming sensation that occurs when you’re handed a drink menu in a bar or restaurant? You think to yourself, “Holy smokes, I didn’t even know there were this many kinds of beer!” With over 20,000 different brands of beer worldwide, the simple task of ordering one can be quite […]