What is a Sommelier?

What is a sommelier? A sommolier is someone who is a wine expert and “possesses expert knowledge of fine wines.” Here is a bit of history about the word sommelier: “The word “sommelier” is derived from the Late Latin term sagma, meaning “pack saddle.” In Old French, the word somier meant “pack animal.” By the […]

The Importance Of Aging

Ever wonder why aging is such a big deal when it comes to spirits? Let us shed some light on the subject. Aside from specific product categories such as whiskey, brandy or vodka, another method for classifying distilled spirits is aged or non-aged. Vodka, gin, neutral spirits and some types of rum and brandy are […]

​Wine Varietals

Wine Varietals You are on your way to becoming a wine speaker! Learn all about the most common wine types from around the world. Barbera Very widely planted in Italy; more than Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, Barbera is a grape known for its tarry character and low-tannins. Cabernet Franc Closely related to the familiar Cabernet Sauvignon, […]