While you may not be able to go on any expensive vacations, you can set time aside to relax at home! Here are a few staycation tips that will keep you entertained and celebrating all week long!

1. Organize a party! Bring all your friends together for a night out! Ask everyone to bring a side dish while you fire up the grill! For the refreshments, head to WB Liquors & Wine to fill your cooler or fridge with ice cold beer and delicious ready to drink cocktails. Take turns with your friends hosting the party…although we both know you’ll throw the best one.
2. Take a trip around the world…while at home! Pick a few countries that you and your family would like to visit and plan your day menu around that country! Here are some examples

3. Be a local tourist! Google the top sites from your city and have an adventure! If you’re in San Antonio, walking along the Riverwalk will be a new discovery a day! In El Paso, the Wyler Aerial Tramway is a great way to see the city from a great view! Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, a trip to the beach is always within reach!
4. Organize a game night! No gambling license needed to play a few rounds of poker with your friends! Keep your bar stocked with the necessities so that your guests are happy. You’ll want to have beer close at hand, as well as a selection of whiskey and vodka! Additionally, since there might be designated drivers, keep soft drinks and water available.

5. Be an artist! Spend an afternoon getting creative by creating your own masterpieces! You don’t have to indulge in Absinthe like the great Pablo Picasso did to create his multimillion dollar paintings, but you can draw inspiration from a glass of wine or two… Your paintings may not be featured in the Smithsonian; there is a chance that you might be featured on our Instagram! All you do is take a photo of your best artwork and hashtag #WBStaycation!

While you are at home, try these great cocktails that will make you feel like you are at the beach…without the sand in your swim bottoms.

Green Apple Cape Cod – it’s like you are eating fresh lobster at the pier

Tropical Splash – a great tropical drink to kick your feet up to


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