The best temperature for serving wine varies based on the type. Generally speaking, we often drink white wines too cold and red wines not cold enough.

Sparkling Wine/Champagnes

Should be served at 43-47° (F)

Blush, Rose & White Wines

Should be served at 45° (F) 7°(C)

When colder, the aromas and flavors can be minimized along with your appreciation of the wine.

Full Bodied White/Light Reds

Full-Bodied high quality white wines like Sauternes & rich white burgundies along with light red wines like Beaujolais should be served at 50° (F) 10° (C)

Red Wines

You’ve probably heard that red wines should be served at “room” temperature, but that is actually referring to “cellar” temperature, which is often around 55° & perfect for storing wine.

Most red wines including Cabernet, Merlot, Bordeaux, Zinfandel, Rhones & Syrah/Shiraz should be served at 60° (F) 15° (C) preventing the unpleasant bite that alcohol can produce when served at normal “room” temperature.

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