Having trouble finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift? This wine gift guide has plenty of ideas for wine loving mothers. Whether she’s a red wine drinker or prefers bubbles, these creative gifts will definitely impress her.

Wine Gift Basket

Show your mom how much you know her by giving her some of her favorite things. Purchase a medium sized basket, as well as your mom’s favorite chocolates, snacks, cookies and candies. Next purchase a nice bottle of wine, such as this month’s wine special – Allegro Moscato and two glasses. Arrange everything in the basket and add ribbons, a Mother’s Day card, and any other decorations that you can think of. Once everything is in place, cut a large square of cellophane paper and place the basket in the center. Wrap the cellophane paper around the basket and tie together with a ribbon. If you want to go the extra mile, you can top off the basket with a Mother’s Day helium balloon.

Sugar and Bubbles

Who doesn’t love a little Prosecco with sugar? If your mom is difficult to please, this is the perfect gift for her! Start by stopping by your nearest WB Liquors store and grabbing a bottle of this month’s special, La Marca Prosecco, and a wine gift bag. Next, stop by your local bakery and purchase a dozen of macaroons or cupcakes in a box. Arrange everything neatly inside the bag. Lastly, purchase some flowers and a card to add some extra sweetness to your gift.

Relaxing Night Off

Moms work very hard and deserve some time off to themselves. Why not give her the opportunity to enjoy a night where she can relax without worrying about anything else. Start by purchasing a large Mother’s Day gift bag and some items for a “spa night” at home, such as bath salts, candles, and aromatherapy oils. Make sure to also purchase a bottle of red wine for her to enjoy while she’s relaxing. Print out a voucher that says, “Voucher for a Relaxing Night Off.” In the fine print, you can include that you will handle dinner, siblings, or any other of her duties so she is completely worry-free for this night.

These wine gift guide ideas will definitely get you favorite child status at least for the day! If you’re having trouble deciding what wine she’ll like, our Celebration Advisors at your nearest WB Liquors store can help you find the perfect wine to fit your mother’s style. Come on over and we’ll help you create a gift that will impress!