Backyard BBQ’s are on the menu every year for Memorial Day, and there is nothing better than chowing down on great food while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Whether you are slathering your face with delicious ribs, or chowing down on grilled hot dogs, your guests will be delighted when they realize you’ve paired these Memorial Day dishes with fantastic drink options.

Bourbon and BBQ

If you think bourbon is too overpowering for barbeque, you thought wrong! Enjoying a bourbon cocktail with savory barbeque enhances the charred and smoky flavor that well-prepared barbeque gives off. Smoke is a flavor component in both barbecue and bourbon, making them play well off each other. Bourbon’s main requirement is that it must be aged in a charred, new oak barrel, so  the pairing couldn’t be more perfect.

Margaritas and Chips & Salsa

Summer is right around the corner, and what better way to prepare for a social calendar full of outdoor events than getting your palate ready for iced margaritas. The endless variety of margaritas is reason enough to indulge in the tasty libation sooner than later. Chips & salsa go hand-in-hand with strawberry, peach, mango, watermelon, or a classic margarita. The possibilities are endless!

BBQ Grilled Chicken and Wine

Even though beer is the typical choice for most barbeque dishes, there are a number of wine options to choose from that pair well with various types of barbeque. Malbec, for example, is medium to full-bodied with spicy notes and is often paired with brisket. Go light on the barbeque sauce though! Too much sauce can overpower the wine which might have you feeling a little unsatisfied with your meal!

Sliders and Beer

Sliders are always a big hit for parties and get-togethers. These bite-sized appetizers are served in various ways, incorporating meats such as pulled pork, beef, meatballs, and even meatballs. A perfectly prepared slider packs a lot of flavor, so drinking the right beer will draw out the added flavor and essence of this meal. Bold American IPSs, and Blond Ales pair up beautifully with this menu item.