Aside from the classic Martini and the ever popular gin and tonic, gin is a great spirit to experiment with.Make the best cocktails at home with our Gin 101!

Gin – a juniper flavored spirit made by adding an approved natural flavoring to a neutral grain spirit.

Distilled – exclusively made by redistilling 96% ABV ethanol in gin stills with juniper berries. There is no restriction on the coloring of distilled gin with approved colorings.
London – London Gin is made in a traditional still by re-distilling ethyl alcohol in the presence of all natural flavorings used. London Gin cannot be colored.

Now that you have the facts, here are some of our favorite gin recipes!
Marguerite – an old school Martini goes heavy on the vermouth

Georgia Peach Tea – an excellent twist on a classic Southern staple

Strawberry French – a delicious cocktail for those who like the finer things in life…and being in warmer weather!

Still not convinced? Here are gin fun facts!
1.Gin is meant to be mixed with cocktails, not on its own. Unlike tequila and vodka which can be slammed as shots, gin is meant to be mixed since it’s botanicals and herbs come to life.
2. Holland made gin first. While gin is England’s national spirit, it did not originate there. English soldiers saw Dutch soldiers drinking Jenever to boost morale. It would be another 150 years before gin was born.
3. You have an excuse to drink more gin and tonics. If you’re traveling to the Tropics, a little gin here and there won’t hurt since the quinine in tonic water is an anti-malarial. Gin is also attributed to healing arthritis, boosts appetite, and acts as a short term solution to bloating.
4.Frank Sinatra liked it. Do you need any more reasons?

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