You said you weren’t going to do it this year and you did! You waited last minute to do all of your holiday shopping and now all the good gifts are gone! You could probably buy something that lacks any kind of personality or charm; or you can pretend to be Martha Stewart for the day and create unique gifts for your loved ones and friends.

Mini Gift Basket


They are small, cute, and definitely a crowd pleaser! For the friend that loves variety, cute packaging, and liquor, these gift baskets are ideal. Mini bottles will cost you no more than a buck, all you have to worry about the presentation! Buy some ribbon, mason jars, bows, and you have yourself a fun way to say happy holidays!



Cork Coaster


With all of the work you put into trying to open a bottle of wine, you should really be saving your corks to display as a badge of strength and perseverance. There are plenty of gifts you can create with corks such as coasters, wall art, personalized stamps, and corkboards.



Bottle Cap Artwork


Bottle cap works of art can turn plain metal bottle caps into personalized mosaics, letters, keychains, what have you. We all know just one beer doesn’t cut it after a long day of holiday shopping, so instead of tossing those caps in the trash evoke the artistic spirit of Picasso and create something spectacular!



Cocktail Snack Basket


Crown and coke, Red Bull and vodka, rum and coke, they all go together like a hand in glove. So why not give your special someone their favorite cocktail combination. Don’t forget to throw in their favorite snack or two in case they get the serious munchies!



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