If you missed out on National Pizza Month in October because you were too busy working on your Harley Quinn/Joker Halloween costume, don’t worry. Pizza lovers can extend their love for pizza one more day and celebrate National Calzone Day! To help you take advantage of this arbitrary day, we suggest spending the week taste testing the brews below with a warm calzone. We’ve compiled the perfect beer pairing list for your eating and beer drinking pleasure. Because let’s face it, nothing goes better with pizza than an ice cold beer!

Ballast Point Sculpin


One taste of this IPA and you will definitely get hooked with hints of apricot, peach, lemon and mango flavors.
Suggested pairing: Pepperoni, or veggie.



Lagunitas IPA


Lagunitas IPA is a well-rounded, malt barley with hints of rich caramel.
Suggested Pairing: pepperoni, or meat lovers.

(source: http://indiapaleale.wikia.com/wiki/Lagunitas_IPA)


St. Arnold Lawnmower


You will enjoy the taste of this light and clean Kolsch with grassy hops and soft character.
Suggested Pairing: Pepperoni, or veggie

(source: http://bottlecaprecaps.blogspot.com/)


Southern Star Bombshell Blonde


Try this rich, creamy golden ale with a touch of hops and lemon/wheat aroma.
Suggested Pairing: Hawaiian

(Source: http://beergazetteer.com)


Blue Moon Ale


Smells of banana, and orange won’t leave you disappointed.
Suggested Pairing: cheese, or pepperoni

Source: (http://www.denverpost.com)

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