It’s that time of the year again! Holiday dinner tables will soon be filled with an all-you-can-eat variety of turkey, ham, stuffing, cornbread, and gobs of mouthwatering side dishes. (Drool) Not all Thanksgiving dinners are created equal and neither are the wines you enjoy them with. Accentuate the flavors of your holiday dinner with these 5 wines that pair well with your Thanksgiving turkey!

Sparkling Wine


This type of wine is especially great if you are one of those brave souls who like to dabble in fried turkey shenanigans. Sparkling wines cut the acidity and high salt content of fried food. Try a Cava or American Sparkling Rosé to give you that strawberry and cherry taste.



Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir is a light-red wine and a superb choice for your holiday bird. Pinot Noir is great for other game birds such as duck or roasted chicken. It also pairs well with salmon and pasta dishes. You can never go wrong with Pinot Noir!





Known as the ‘go-to’ wine for your traditional holiday meal, Zin’s fruity and berry-ish flavor really bring out the juiciness of your holiday bird; especially if you decide to smoke your turkey this year.





For those who opt for glazed ham this year, Shiraz and ham pair very well together. Shiraz offers a lush and fruity flavor that accentuates the taste of pineapple, clove, and fruit juice found in a holiday ham.





Before you slip into a food coma, don’t forget the most important part of Thanksgiving. The desserts! Found in both dry and sweet styles, Riesling’s high acidity cut the sweet taste of any desert. Enjoy it with the perfect piece of pumpkin pie. (Say that 4 time fast!)

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Tada! Your holiday dinner is all “dressed” up and ready to go! No matter which wine you decide on, the holidays are for friendly gatherings, and having fun no matter what you chose to sip on!

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