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While on patrol during his second deployment in Iraq, Juan’s vehicle drove over an IED, which led to him sustaining multiple injuries leading to the loss of his arm below the elbow and leg.

Juan hopes that with his adaptable home he can focus on his continued education and his ultimate life goal, to climb Mt. Everest. For now, he spends his time as a peer mentor with Wounded Warrior Project.

Juan currently lives in San Antonio, TX and is in the beginning stages of his home build. He is gathering funds to build his home in Canyon Lake, TX.

During his second deployment in Zaidon, Iraq, Raymond was injured due to an explosion, resulting in the loss of both his legs and fingers on his left hand.

Raymond is hoping that his new adaptable home will allow him to focus on his future goals. He recently won a Silver medal with his Rugby team at the 2021 Paralympics in Tokyo.

Raymond recently began his process with HFOT and is still gathering funds to get his home built near Arlington, TX.

Injured during her second deployment in Afghanistan, LisaMarie sustained multiple injuries, one of which resulted in the loss of her left leg below the knee.

Now that she is in her adaptable home, LisaMarie can focus on her hobbies and plans to create a nonprofit organization as part of the Maker Movement.

WB raised funds and volunteered, her home in Garden Ridge, TX was completed in 2019.

After a concussion from his first tour of duty, Henry’s eyesight gradually deteriorated during his second tour in Taji, Iraq until he was diagnosed with Leber’s Optic Neuropathy, a condition leaving him legally blind.

After living in his adaptable home, Henry can focus on his family and his goals. He completed his masters degree in 2020.

WB raised funds in 2020 and his home in Pasadena, TX was completed in 2021.

While in Baghdad, Iraq, Thomas’ vehicle was struck by explosives, resulting in the loss of both his legs.

Now in his new adaptable home, Thomas plans to focus on his hobby of gunsmithing and going to school.

WB raised funds in 2020 and his home in Royse City, TX was completed in 2021.

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