Unopened Wine

Keep it in the dark

Store all wines away from light; especially direct sun light and fluorescent fixtures.

Store on their side

If a wine bottle is stored upright for an extended period of time, their corks will dry out, allowing air to get into the wine and eventually spoiling it. Storing it with the label up will allow you to see any sediment that may have formed over time

Wine Temperature

Wine storage temperatures should not surpass 75° (F) for extended periods of time. Wine will begin to oxidize. An ideal temperature for storing a variety of wines would be 54° (F). If the temperature falls below 54° it won’t hurt the wine, but will slow down its aging process. The best temperature would be between 66-73° if possible, but this can be dangerous because a slight increase in temperature could cause the wine to reach 75° and begin oxidation. Temperatures in wine storage should be as constant as possible, and any changes that do occur should do so slowly. The greater the disparity between temperatures of storage the more the wine is subject to premature aging due to over breathing. Try to keep the wine from fluctuating more than 3° per day and 5° per year for optimum results.

Moving the Wine

Store you wines in a manner that allows you to reach a bottle without disturbing the others. The most minute of vibrations like heavy traffic or generators may have a negative effect on the wine.

High Humidity

Keeping the humidity of your cellar around 70% will help to keep the cork from drying & will minimize evaporation. Do not exceed 70%, which can increase the chances of mold growth and may cause labels to loosen.

Isolate Wine

Because wine breathes, make sure not to store it with anything that may emit a strong odor which could permeate through the cork and taint the wine. Good ventilation can help to eliminate such odors.

Amount of Time

Not all wines require cellaring. New world wines and non-expensive wines will not improve with time. Generally, a red wine can be stored for 2-10 years and whites wines should be consumed 2-3 years after storage.

Opened Wine

Minimize its exposure to air. Cork bottle tightly or use a wine stopper
Keep away from excess amounts of light or heat
White wine can be placed in a cellar or refrigerator and stay fresh for a week or longer
Red wine is best if placed in a dark space like a closet and will generally last 2-3 days
Dessert wines, Ports & Sherries will last slightly longer in similar conditions